{My weekend eats & a deliciously simple flatbread}

After watching a full week of “Breakfast Television’s Burger Battle” in the mornings while I get ready for work, me and the boy were itching for a burger and milkshake at the newly crowned winner, Boogie’s Burgers. Unfortunately, as we turned into the driveway, we were welcomed with an “Out of buns” sign outside their … Continue reading

{Fitness Friday: Vegetable feta flatbread and how I plan to run a better half marathon}

Another late fitness friday post this week. I was pretty tired from my run last night and just wanted to relax on the couch with a blanket watching a movie. First off, I came home after work and made the boy some dinner before he left for a baseball tournament. I needed something quick and … Continue reading

{Zucchini, proscuitto & basil pesto flatbread and hazelnut chocolate french toast with peach slices}

I had a craving for pizza tonight (a craving I get about once a week) but didn’t want to buy any ingredients, so I made due with what I had at home.. First I defrosted 2 ovals of naan bread I had in the freezer (I always keep some in there for sandwiches and flatbreads). … Continue reading

{Dining in: Deconstructed pizza ala Chocolate & Ginger}

The boy is going to be leaving town for work and be gone till Thursday so I wanted to make a special dinner for us tonight. One of his favourite things to eat is pizza, so I picked up a package of freshly baked flatbread from Sunterra on my way home from the gym and … Continue reading