{My love affair with Mast Brothers}

January is a time of year where we are all bombarded with headlines like “Juice cleanse your way to healthy!” or “New Year’s Detox” . Magazines and websites are all plastered with images of electric green coloured juices and diet plans that make me feel like I might chew my arm off after the first day. … Continue reading

{Recipe: Baked NYC’s Root Beer Chocolate Cake – Two Ways}

This past week me and the boy celebrated Thanksgiving with THREE turkey dinners in a row. This meant some extra time at the gym, clothing with some breathing room and plenty of baking in my kitchen. As I browsed through my notebook of “things to make”, I came across a recipe that had caught my … Continue reading

{Earl Grey Chocolate Cakes w/ Lavender Caramel Ganache & Blackberries}

Hi everyone, Sorry for the prolonged absence from the blog. I’ve been in the midst of packing up/unpacking and getting settled into our new home. Moving is an absolute pain in the butt, but it’s a great way to sort and discard/donate clutter in my life. Which is especially important when you’re living in a … Continue reading

{Chocoholics rejoice: Chocolate truffle tart in a coconut almond crust and raspberries}

I’m gonna make this a quick one as I’m exhausted. It was my long workout day: 1.5h speed/hill training run and a 1h cardio class, I’m DRAINED…Not tired enough to muster up energy to make some tartlets to take to the BBQ in Red Deer tomorrow though. As I mentioned before, it’s the boys’ mom’s … Continue reading