{Weekend recap: Burgers at Dairy Lane Cafe and a hike to Tower/Rockbound Lake}

Hi all, This post is a little late, but I thought I’d do a recap of some of the highlights from this past weekend. Friday afternoon, me and my coworkers got to skip work and spend the sunny day mingling and watching the rodeo at the Stampede. After the show, we headed to the giant beer … Continue reading

{A Stampede detox in Kananaskis Country at Barrier Lake}

After two days of Stampede partying last week, me and boy took a break from the madness by trekking out to the mountains for a hike. I started the morning off with two back to back high intensity cardio aerobics classes to kick start the burn on all those junkie delights from the night before. For … Continue reading

{Our first hike of the season: The Fullerton loop in Bragg Creek}

Good afternoon everyone! I’m spending my last day of the long weekend indoors keeping busy with house chores and freelance work. Funny how the weather ONCE AGAIN is not agreeing with me when I plan a training run outside. It never fails I tell ya. My race is only 6 days away and there is … Continue reading

{Giant cinnamon buns, Kim Anh subs and our favourite hiking trail yet!}

One of our goals this summer is to try to get out for hikes as often as we could (weather permitting). So far we’ve been doing pretty good, getting out once each weekend for the past month. We left the house at about 10am and grabbed some breakie at my ol’ Sunday post-run lunch spot, … Continue reading