{The secrets of french macarons revealed}

Ah.. tonight was my much-anticipated class at Nectar Desserts and the last class of the season till fall. I came a bit early and was seated in the restaurant with a lovely glass our their house white wine, refreshing, crisp and fruity, a great start to the evening off. Shortly after 6, we were invited … Continue reading

{Places to eat: M for Macaron II – no, I will never get sick of these}

What is a visit to the Calgary Farmer’s market without a stop at the M for Macaron stall. Today’s flavours included (top left clockwise): almond joy, matcha w/ passionfruit white chocolate ganache, toasted coconut cream, raspberry and passionfruit, s’more w/ chocolate ganache and marshmallow cream, mango ginger. Yum.. Hey, they actually made it home for … Continue reading

{Dine out: These are a few of my favorite things}

Over easter I went on a lovely stroll in Inglewood, while the weather was still nice.. not snowing like it is now.. Enjoyed some lovely treats from my favorite place..Nectar Desserts blackberry mocha chocolate tart and macarons (black sesame caramel, rose pistachio and orange blossom) my FAVORITE cake – triple chocolate malt ball cake – … Continue reading

{REVIEW: M for Macaron}

Image Source Went to the Calgary Farmers Market on Sunday after reading about a new macaron place that had opened there. Macarons have replaced cupcakes as the new trendy dessert of moment. From the mformacaron website: What is a French Macaron? Unlike it’s American cousin, which is spelled with 2 o’s and made with coconut, … Continue reading

{I heart Nectar Desserts}

I like dessert…. A LOT.  In fact, I think it may be a full blown addiction. If you were to ask me what my favorite dessert spot in the city was, I’d have to say its Nectar Desserts. I am there getting my sweet fix at LEAST once a week, sometimes up to 3 times … Continue reading