{Fitness: Why I decided to join the Sweat Collective}

I was cruising through Facebook this morning and came upon this trailer for a new movie called Endure. The brainchild of the New York based award-winning producer, author, playwright and Calgarian Melanie Jones.  Here’s an excerpt from their website: ENDURE is a ‘run woman show’ about marathon running, endurance sport and human resilience. I wrote … Continue reading

{Fitness: Reminding myself why I run}

So for those of you that have been following my blog, you might remember that post I made earlier this year about how I wasn’t going to sign up for anymore races. How I was sick of being tired of all the training, the crazy uncontrollable hunger, my achy joints and reoccurring injuries. And then I signed … Continue reading

{I Run to be..}

Fearless and strong. 42.2km..Here I come.. Of the 30,000+ entries, I found out early this morning on my Blackberry that I got chosen in the random draw to run the San Francisco Nike Womens Marathon 2011 this October!! Looks like we better plan our vacation 🙂

{A late Fitness Friday post: From 0 to 42.2km: My journey from cardio hater to marathoner}

Since running the marathon, I sometimes get asked: Why did you do it? It’s SO far! My answer is simply.. because I can. A pretty simple answer but I think it encompasses why I decided to do it. Running 42.2km  or 26 miles is no easy task. It takes a lot of motivation, dedication, attention … Continue reading

{Racing: Calgary Policeman’s Half Marathon}

Sunday at 8am. 21.1km. Perfect weather. Surprises: The last hill on the way back is KILLER!! Lesson learned: Don’t put coconut in my energy gel.. blech. Here are my stats: 378 th out of a total of 1,829 runners 15 th out of 194 runners in my age/gender category Chip time: 1:47:24 Average pace: 5 … Continue reading