{Baked: Rum & Raisin Roundies from SWEET Seasonal Desserts}

After left sitting by my bedside table for the past couple weeks, I finally baked something out of my newest addition to my cookbook collection – SWEET Seasonal Desserts by Rebekah Pearse, pastry chef/owner of the now closed Nectar Desserts. For those of you not familiar, Nectar Desserts was my favourite place go-to spot to … Continue reading

{Nectar Desserts has closed its doors: A sad, sad day for dessert lovers in Calgary…}

I was browsing the net yesterday, checking out the various food blogs I enjoy reading. I clicked on the Nectar Desserts site just to see if they were featuring anything new, when there it was on the front page: “Nectar Desserts is Closing its Doors“. My heart sank.. It was 3 years ago, we had … Continue reading

{Best chocolate cake ever from Nectar and a visit to the WildeGrainz bakery}

Behold, this cube of chocolately bliss..it’s called the Mad Hatter..a NEW addition to the Nectar Desserts display case.. A 3 layer chocolate sponge cake with 3 different fillings. The first a thick milk chocolate ganache, second is a layer of passionfruit curd and third is a fruity and tart raspberry coulis, all enrobed in a thick chocolate … Continue reading

{Dessert: Nectar Sundays}

One of my favourite things about Sundays is the chance to indulge in the freshly baked cream scones made at Nectar Desserts. They only make these once a week for their Sunday tea parties and I was lucky that they had a couple extra to purchase. These ones are flecked with chunks of crystallized ginger pieces. … Continue reading

{The secrets of french macarons revealed}

Ah.. tonight was my much-anticipated class at Nectar Desserts and the last class of the season till fall. I came a bit early and was seated in the restaurant with a lovely glass our their house white wine, refreshing, crisp and fruity, a great start to the evening off. Shortly after 6, we were invited … Continue reading