{Recipe: “Cure for the winter blues” vegetable soup and potato bacon bleu cheese pizza}

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday again…where did the week go? To recap, on friday night, me and the boy went to watch the Cohen Brother’s new film,¬†True Grit at Chinook Centre. A great movie – that young girl is an amazing actress! Since we didn’t have enough time to go to a place to … Continue reading

{Miniature Savoury Fall Cream Scones and Wood Oven Pizzas at Famoso}

The cold winter is finally upon us here in Calgary, sub -20C temperatures and wind chills of almost -30C makes me want to want to just curl up in my cozy robe and bake up a storm in my kitchen..I love this cream scone recipe I discovered awhile ago, it can be adapted to be … Continue reading

{Friday date night: A disappointing dinner at Boxwood..and pizza + tiramisu at Giuseppes}

I really wanted to like this place, I REALLY did…I came here for lunch earlier this week on opening day, it was pleasant enough that I wanted to come here with the boy for our Friday date night dinner. After my yoga class I met up with the boy at the restaurant. It was fairly … Continue reading

{Date night: Drinks at Bungalow and dinner at our favourite pizza spot: Una Pizza + Wine}

Tonight after work, me and the boy both had a craving for pizza. Solution: date night at Una Pizza + Wine, our favourite pizza spot in town. We got there around 7pm and were told there would be about a 15 min wait, so to pass the time, we walked over to Bungalow for a … Continue reading

{Zucchini, proscuitto & basil pesto flatbread and hazelnut chocolate french toast with peach slices}

I had a craving for pizza tonight (a craving I get about once a week) but didn’t want to buy any ingredients, so I made due with what I had at home.. First I defrosted 2 ovals of naan bread I had in the freezer (I always keep some in there for sandwiches and flatbreads). … Continue reading