{Dining in: A Summer Dinner Party for Four}

One of my favourite things to do is host dinner parties at our place. Last Sunday night, I invited my good friend and her boy over for dinner to enjoy the sun on our patio and watch one of our favourite shows, Breaking Bad. I always get SUPER indecisive when it comes to creating the menu, … Continue reading

{Dining in: Asparagus Potato Mushroom Tart in a Polenta Crust}

Was it just me or did this weekend just fly by! We spent Friday date night at the newly opened Wurst, a Bavarian inspired restaurant and beer hall in Mission (review to come) and on Saturday we celebrated a wedding up in Edmonton (which included a build your own sundae bar and candy bar). The wedding … Continue reading

{Double Cheese: Asparagus cheddar bunwiches & Apple Cheddar Rosemary Scones}

TGIF everyone! My walks home from work have been a lot more enjoyable with our warmer temperatures and seeing the greenery growing back on the “walk of trees”. A far cry from these barren looking trees a couple of months ago..although the sky is quite pretty.. Dinner this past week has involved cheddar..Like in the … Continue reading

{Dining in: Roasted Beet Potato Bacon Soup and an Anything Goes Oatmeal Cookie}

TGIF everyone and happy long weekend too, woo hoo! It’s only 9 days and counting till my Calgary Half Marathon and I’m getting a bit nervous as I haven’t gotten in as many long distance trainings runs in the past month as I would have liked. Why is it the one day a week I plan … Continue reading

{Vegetarian Dinner: Smoked Tofu Cashew Potato Burgers w/ Spicy “Cheeze” Sauce}

On Saturday, me and the boy did something we’ve never done before…snowshoeing! But what made this excursion unique was that we were going at night-time. So after grabbing a quick bite in town, we headed out on our 45 minute drive out to Kananaskis village. There we met our guide Michelle and our three other … Continue reading