{Date night at Model Milk and THE best oatmeal cookies yet}

Hello all! I was looking back in my drafts folder and came across this restaurant review that I had been meaning to put up awhile ago and totally forgot about. (I know..slacker..). So without further adieu.. For date night a few weeks ago, me and the boy decided to check out the hip and new hot … Continue reading

{Dining in: Deep, dark and fudgey salted chocolate walnut brownies}

So it was about 9pm the other night, and I found myself overtaken with a craving for chocolate after watching some “food porn” on my favourite channel, the Food Network. Note to self: I reaalllly need to stop watching Food Network after 8pm.. Anyways, I opened up the cupboard and scrounged through my “chocolate box”, but … Continue reading

{Fall Baking: Persimmon Spice Cookies}

After a late workout, I came home bursting with energy and thought it would be a great idea to start baking at 9pm at night..I’ve had these two acorn shaped hachiya persimmons ripening on my counter slowly getting soft and sweet…so after some research on a couple of food sites I stumbled upon a recipe … Continue reading

{A healthier tart – Autumn italian plum tart in a walnut date oat crust}

As I had mentioned briefly a couple days ago, I went to watch “Kings of Pastry” on Friday as part of the Calgary International Film Festival lineup. If you are a pastry-obsessed foodie like me, this movie is a must-see. Here is description from their website: Sixteen French pastry chefs gathered in Lyon for three … Continue reading

{Dining in: Caramelized brussel sprouts w/ beef bacon and toasted walnuts and truffled potato leek “risotto”}

So I haven’t posted a meal in the past couple days since I was recovering from a dinner at Bolero, a brazilian BBQ steakhouse on Macleod Trail South. If you’ve eaten there, you know what I mean. It’s that feeling like you need to be wheelbarreled out cause you’re so full (like after a hearty christmas … Continue reading