{Weekend Recap and Post-Workout Sweet Potato Bliss}

Hi everyone, I’m typing this post out while wrapped in a thick blanket cocoon with a giant cup of tea by my side. Looks like the inevitable has finally happened. We were spoiled with mild temperatures all winter and finally this week we were hit with the typical -40C wind chills I’ve become so accustomed … Continue reading

{Checkup on my 2011 goals and how I get back on track after the holidays}

With the new year comes the annual check up on my 2011 resolution/goals I had set for myself this time last year. Here is a recap of the list  and how I did: 1. Set new personal records in all three race categories A combination of terrible weather conditions (Calgary Policeman’s Half) and my reoccurring IT band injury … Continue reading

{A Stampede detox in Kananaskis Country at Barrier Lake}

After two days of Stampede partying last week, me and boy took a break from the madness by trekking out to the mountains for a hike. I started the morning off with two back to back high intensity cardio aerobics classes to kick start the burn on all those junkie delights from the night before. For … Continue reading

{Fitness: Eleven ways to motivate yourself to workout}

It’s crappy outside..I’m tired…I don’t have time..It’s too hard…  Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Those times when the thought of working out is about as appealing as cleaning the toilet or watching Canadian Parliament on TV. But no matter what your fitness level, we all have this inner battle with ourselves, so here are … Continue reading

{Running & Fitness: Tips on Winter Running Part Two}

Image source Now that I’ve gone over what to wear. I’m going to discuss some tips and techniques for winter running success: 1. Keep your feet as dry as possible – this one is kind of common sense, but the last thing you need is wet toes, so try to avoid any puddles if you … Continue reading