(Weekend recap: Date at Piqniq Bistro and Easy Appies in a pinch}

On Friday night after work, me and the boy met up at Craft Beer Market for a quick beverage to pass the time till our dinner reso. I ordered a glass of the Grapefruit Stiegel Radler – a light fruity beer made with real grapefruit juice. So refreshing, the perfect summer beer. The boy went with … Continue reading

{Dining in: Potato “risotto” part deux and double chocolate zucchini bread}

TGIF everyone! Remember that potato risotto I made last night. Well, I was craving it AGAIN, so I made another batch with some white potatoes that needed to be used up. This time with some plump button mushrooms… They didn’t break down as much as the starchy russet potatoes like last night and kept their shape, but … Continue reading

{Fitness Friday: Vegetable feta flatbread and how I plan to run a better half marathon}

Another late fitness friday post this week. I was pretty tired from my run last night and just wanted to relax on the couch with a blanket watching a movie. First off, I came home after work and made the boy some dinner before he left for a baseball tournament. I needed something quick and … Continue reading

{Dining in: Asian inspired beef and vegetable udon bowls}

Gah! I’m so sore from bootcamp last night, more sore than doing a 20km training run! Craziness.. To aleviate the pain, I did some low impact cardio to loosen up muscles and help increase blood flow, which actually aids in the recovery of the muscles (called “active recovery“). I’m also going to do some yoga … Continue reading

{Zucchini, proscuitto & basil pesto flatbread and hazelnut chocolate french toast with peach slices}

I had a craving for pizza tonight (a craving I get about once a week) but didn’t want to buy any ingredients, so I made due with what I had at home.. First I defrosted 2 ovals of naan bread I had in the freezer (I always keep some in there for sandwiches and flatbreads). … Continue reading